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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

The theme for today, June 24, is 'Getting it Together' since that's what I'm doing today with the new PhotoTime! Tell us where we can view your 'Getting it Together' in today's 'Comments.' You've got a week to post your perfect photo for the week. If you remain a 'faithful participant' we will add your photoblog to the participants' list. If you are here to post last week's theme - Comfort - add it to the earlier blog entry below.

Welcome to the new PhotoTime... moved to make it simpler and more 'user friendly' for participants!
If you missed the first two themes for PhotoTime, you can see the participants' photos here:
Theme 1 -Home
Theme 2 ComfortThink you missed out? Go ahead! Use the comments section for this post to tell us where to view your great photo.