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Monday, July 28, 2003

Wow! We've got eight first-timers... and many faithful 'regulars' but do you suppose vacation time is slowing some of us down? It is vacation time for some. Many of us are going places and others just like to veg out at home when we have time off from our everyday responsibilities. Let's make theme number eight..... Places. Fun places, scarey places, exciting or relaxing places... let's go places!

Last week the 'Weather' theme brought me more than i bargained for! The wind knocked down a tree in the woods, right over a power line and we were powerless for seven hours! Not a good time had by all, I assure you. All weekend plans had to be altered drastically just because of that one day's weather.

Monday, July 21, 2003

Mona was first up and first in frustration! ...just a little oooops! We've been vacationing at the lake whenever we can and oh... the weather! Sometimes it's so cooperative and sometimes not at all, but a rainy day does provide a little 'me time' at the computer, so here we go! PhotoTime's theme number seven is Weather. Sunny or rainy... a blizzard... the wind (is she still called Mariah?)..... maybe even an unusual weather vane? ...and now that Charter got my cable up and running again, just want to thank you again, Otto, for being there when I needed you!

Monday, July 14, 2003

Hard to believe it's Photo Time again... and time for theme number six. Got home from the 'north country' today and found out my cable modem is out! ... and imagine this! I actually left our cottage where the cable modem is working! Ok... the theme is Frustration... (just another word for discombobulated?) Thanks ET Chuck. We all have our moments, right? Perhaps the highway backed up for miles during the rush hour... the 'blue screen' on your computer... or just that classic "can ya here me now?" on the cellphone... whatever! Frustration arrives when we least expect it.

Not gonna let a little thing like 'no internet' stop me though. Just a little ol' phone call to an angel of mercy and the job is done! Thank you Otto... you are a friend in deed! Lest I forget, White Lilly was first up last week. Glad you got your computer back up, lady! We enjoy your photos. I'll get the newest members up on the participants list as soon as I get my modem back.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Oh this is fun... and we are growing! Theme number five is Reflections - suggested by frankmon200 - be they memories or pictures - on the water or mirrored or just your imagination gone wild. Sounds like fun! Thanks frank!

Laura was first up... sharing her very own sunburned face and grand prize for the MOST faces goes to etchuck for his 'deck of cards' - which he had already done, but he added the jokers after sharing with PhotoTime!

Addendum: 07.09.03 Well, duh me! Found the MirrorProject while checking out some of the participant's websites! Honest! I'm almost positive my theme idea didn't come from there.... but it's too too coooooool!

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Faces is the theme this week. They are everywhere... all around us... happy, sad, excited, bewildered, anxious, on clocks, critters and buildings. It can be lots of faces or one. Take your time... you've got a whole week before the next subject..... post the URL to your photo right here in today's comments.

First one up last week was Brian the Red with a photo of his Miata club 'getting it together' for a drive.

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