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Hello Dahlings!!!

As goddess of the earth, I must share with you some of the best things  photographed in my queendom! My relatives; my loves; my favorite things - you will find them here... 


In case you didn't know, I live "below the bridge"  so most of the pictures presented here will depict scenes  somewhere from the Mackinac Bridge and south.

Midland has a Tridge, which spans 3 rivers, The Tittabawassee, 
the Pine and the Chippewa. And as everyone knows, that's where 
Trolls live - under bridges. Therefore we shall have Trolls. 
Children decorated them for the big auction that was held in the 
autumn of 2002. Below in their words:

" The photo opportunities and tourist draw will be phenomenal. On 
October 10th, the Trolls will be auctioned off to raise funds for 
permanent downtown artwork and activities. Co-sponsored by the 
Downtown Development Authority and Northwood University. For more 
information call (989) 893-8433" 

Visit the City of Midland Website.


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