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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Hey I'm back! Summer was running along smoothly for the first month. Sure there were a few graduations scheduled... two from high school and one from middle school... but then bad things began to happen to some of my loved ones. That's when I just couldn't quite keep up any more... with my blogging that is. Can you believe that we now wish we had known enough to train our boy children how to be submissive when a policeman approaches them? That's what respectable black families must do in our country. ...and we're white! We didn't know! The story is written and will be published... of a Pakistani national father's litigious attack on a young American high school boy and how a group of gestapo-like police create terror in the hearts of an average law-abiding U.S. family.

Anyway, taking a break from Hell, here's an update... all tightly wrapped up in a photo journal I call Summertime. When it's over I'll tell you the rest of the story. Meanwhile, here's my Summertime Photo Journal in brief... there were still lots of good parts! God bless America.

When you get back here you're invited to visit my spouse's new web gallery... Tall Ships Come to Bay City.

Ooooops! Looks like I'd better make another gallery... somehow I totally missed the graduation parts of this good old summertime!

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