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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Last weekend was a full one! Gramps had a big photo session scheduled with Geoff... quite an honor for him. Geoff wanted his grampa to be the photographer for his graduation pictures. A willing model and ambitious photographer... what a combo! We got some great pics. Hope they print as well as they look on the computer moniter.





Mike launched his boat. This is it... pretty nice, huh? Looks like he got a pretty good deal. Of course we had to let him take us all out for a cruise. I like it, actually... and considering I'm first and mostly a sailor, that's really saying something. I think he's also planning on some tubing this summer.

We stayed at the cottage until Monday... got some business done in town and spent a bit of time visiting the Ludington harbor. Planned on going to the City Park but it was actually closed while city workers cleaned sand off the roads... getting ready for the big Memorial Day weekend.

It didn't matter; we had our picnic at the harbor... it was a bit windy and a bit cool, but a beautiful sunshiny day. We went for a walk over by the huge new condo/marina complex across from the boat launch. Such a beautiful place to walk. It's so fancy they're even decorating the waste cans around the marina this year!

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Thursday, May 15, 2003
Hey kids! I try to keep this little blog updated at least once week... In case you're tired of coming here to see if there's anything new, i just added a neat tool for you to use. Sign up with your email address and you'll get an email every time this blog is updated. Cool, huh? Oh yeah... in case you get frustrated with all the cutesie stuff... you'll find the signup form over on the right... just under that fabulous pic of frank'nsherle!!!
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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

That's my truck..... blocked!!!

Winds around 50 mph in Michigan... i got seasick on the ride up north... we were driving into the wind... bummer! Thank God this was the only tree blocking the one-track to the cottage because grampa was able to move it himself. It cracked up into pieces small enough to be moved easily.. and it was all dried out and relatively light weight.

OttO and I both participated in the Mayday Project. Come visit us and be amazed at what constitutes an 'average' day!

Here is Just An Average Day in Otto's Life... and then there's A Day in the Life..... Enjoy!

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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Patti and David's piano recital was wonderful!!! Just wanted to get this mention in today because i'm trying to keep up and today is a busy day. Both of them have been playing about two years now and both of them are excellent... what can you say? Neither grampa nor i play any musical instruments... neither of us can sing worth a darn.... but our KIDS!!! and our GRANDKIDS!!! These people are talented! It's got to be in the genes somewhere.

David plays like a pro... he doesn't even get all nervous... and he has all the right 'moves'... by that i mean he has a stage presence that is remarkable for a nine year old. His mom plays like a pro... but she gets nervous... oh does she get nervous! It didn't show though; she played beautifully. You can tell when a musician truly loves playing an instrument... a musician's heart shines through in the sounds that come from her/his instrument. Both of these people are truly musicians. Good job Patti! Good job David!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Mike: really anxious to get the dock ready for his new purchase... his boat! Good weather for it although the water was colder than you'd get me to be in.

Funny how a little motivation will go a long way... i've been wanting those other two pieces of dock over here ever since we first pulled them from the other side of this property a couple of years ago. Had to get this past weekend in quickly because next weekend i'll be putting pictures up for the MayDay project! That's a picture every hour (if possible) during the day of Saturday May 10. Since we already have a jam-packed day scheduled we should end up with lots of great 'fotos by frank'...

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Friday, May 2, 2003

Big Crop at Pat's Place!

Last weekend Pat's Place was the place to be! We had a great turnout for the big overnighter cropfest! All the family Creative Memories addicts were present except for Janice.... we forgive you Janice for not 'hopping a plane' from Georgia for the occasion, but we sure hope you're still keeping up your scrapbooks! Those of us from this part of the state arrived early Friday morning... with the last one's getting there later... having had to spend the day at work and school.

Even the youngest family member is scrapbooking... David does his own cropping and journaling now that he's nine years old! Actually Windy brought a bunch of photos to sort, but spent most of her time catching up on a cross-stitch project. I finished up some pages already in progress and got them into my book... started to sort more for a 'power crop' session but discovered that I'd left some crucial pictures at home! Silly me.

Cropping was part of the weekend... visiting... 'bonding?' and catching up on the latest in the lives of.... you know... all of that. I didn't stay the night (need my z's and these kids like to stay  up late once they get going on a crop session overnighter.) All in all a great time was had by all and we're looking forward to the next crop at Pat's.

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