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Monday, April 28, 2003
Annie, directed and produced by Sharba can be found here! Well, you won't find the play there but some darned good fotos by frank.
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Friday, April 25, 2003

Sharlene is a great teacher! Here's the latest crop of proof to that effect. Thursday we visited her family... and attended her premiere opening of Annie. It was lots of fun! We watched with the elementary school students and the kids were a pretty good audience as well.

Pictured here are the cast of Annie... Dad has volunteered himself as official photographer for the Director (Shar of course!). What is my critique of the show? Costumes - wonderfully convincing... the sets - charming, especially the New York City set... the music - delightful... actors - great... the directing - superb! Good job, Sherry.

We enjoyed our visit with the family too. Anybody who knows Kevin will be amazed to know they're now the proud owners of three cats... every single one as spoiled as everybody says ours are! They're real heartwarmers... Gus is a fuzzy greyish tan and white bundle of energy... Max, the elegant white with a few 'Dalmation' spots cuddles everybody he sees... and Snickers the aloof calico makes her appearance but keeps her distance.

We're having a Creative Memories crop at Patti's pad today and Saturday. These CM get-togethers are becoming a special treat... especially since Pat's busy schedule finally convinced her to close down her business as a CM consultant. Kind of nice for us... we still have her expertise to lean on and she is able to join us and get some scrapbooking done herself!

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Monday, April 21, 2003

We celebrate the resurrection of Christ... then of course there are the bunnies and the candy and flowers. Spring is beginning to appear once again... with the rebirth of Jesus we have a rebirth of the earth. We celebrate, not just in church but with our families and friends... and so we did. As I've said before, love is breaking bread together... bread and a wonderful roasted pork loin, lots of cheesy potatoes, a yummy blend of fresh veggies, cranberries and applesauce, and another first for me... ta dah! sauerkraut! The sauerkraut was for Dave and Rich... because they like it and their wives (my kids) both agreed their hubbies are sauerkraut-deprived. Well, it tasted pretty good... done with applesauce to 'tone it down' a little... but was no big winner! Back to the drawing board on that one.

My desserts are always a hit... and this time we had my newly famous Key Lime Pie the no fat way.... and a brand new recipe for me... Fat-free Chocolate Cake. They were both hits - and not just with the weight watchers among us! Even the guys liked it... matter of fact they're coming to expect that delicious jello/cool whip/yogurt concoction at family gatherings!

We had a fabulous time... lots of visiting and light hearted camaraderie.... a bunch of them even went for a walk around the block... no small feat out in the country! I was glad to stay behind for that one. The girls all arrived back ahead of the boys, but to their credit I think David's nine year old legs were probably what really slowed them down.

All in all this was a fun introduction to warmer weather. Come on summer! We're ready for you now!

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Saturday, April 19, 2003

Nat and Alex... gotta brag on 'em both! First the kid, of course... aren't kids always first? This school year (2002-2003) Alex had to go to a new school because St. Josaphat, her only school for the first seven years closed down abruptly. This is her eighth-grade graduation year and so far she's made the most of it! Right away, the first marking period she made the Principal's List - a top honor at her new school. Then of course, she was recently named student of the month. Not only did she maintain those remarkable grades, she was a cheerleader this year!

We were privileged to attend one game where Alex cheered and she did a great job. We've got photos to prove it. The girls had been waiting anxiously for their official cheerleader pictures and here... for your viewing pleasure... is Alex in her cute cheerleader outfit... sitting on a star! We have to admit, Alex, you are a star!

If that isn't enough for one family... her mom's boss, Honora, nominated Natalie, fondly known as OttO, for the Damon's restaurant Secretarial Top Ten! Everybody knows that we raised our beautiful daughters to be proud of everything they do, so it should have been no surprise, but hey! It's always nice to have a boss like Honora who really appreciates her employees! You must read the letter! It makes my heart swell with pride to know that my child's talents are so appreciated. You go girl!

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Thursday, April 17, 2003

Well they say a little rain must fall before you get those flowers! Things were getting pretty hot around here (Michigan) and now we're freezing our buns again! ... and getting a little rain now and then. Got a little bit of 'bad' news - I told Nat I thought WebCrimson allows a place to store pictures - not so! I get it on my edit page because we're on SalasCove. Hmmmm! It's still a great little bloggin' place!

Good news - Nat told us in her blog yesterday that Miguel is safe and sound - playing cards in the middle of the desert - hot, sandy and bored.

More news - Alex and Nicole are both blogging now and again. Hey! Foggy's doing it too. Keep it up ladies! Bloggin' can be good for the soul! If you haven't yet, check out OttO's meme, Monday Madness. It's a good way to get your bloggin' noggin going! ...and more than that, if you can think of three questions for her to use, she'll be glad to give you credit for them!

A little FYI: There are plenty of places to leave your 2 worth on this site! Leave a comment about an article right there when you're done reading it... stop and say hi on the shoutbox to the left or... ramble on over to our 'old' tagboard on the right! That's the one that's also in MyStuff.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Sunday we had dinner at Patti's Place! Pat did a great job of blogging about the day so I chose not to repeat. We had a really fun time. I was pleased to see that David is learning how to cook. So he's nine... it's never too late to begin, right? (Just kidding, kids... don't get your undies bundled!) They made a really tasty lowfat Boston Cream Pie for dessert and a delightful shrimp stir-fry for the main course. Thanks, Pat; we could really get used to having a special Sunday dinner!

Just for your information... I discovered that WebCrimson allows you to upload pictures from your harddrive to your blog. I know I don't necessarily need it, but for those of you who do not have a place to store pictures, you might want to consider changing over to WebCrimson. It's a really friendly user interface, too. You can use HTML if you wish but you don't have to. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want it. Cheers!

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Friday, April 11, 2003

Impromptu attendance at David's latest performance... was the highlight of our day today! I think i like impromptu! After we returned Patti's phone call on another matter, we sort of invited ourselves to attend a variety show at David's school. There is nothing more delightful than to watch a bunch of kids from grades 1 through 4 perform... and what a performance. They played a playground full of kids and a song book. In their efforts to cheer up the old song book they truly 'made a joyful noise to the Lord' singing words of praise to God... greatly animated and exuberantly loud and cheerful! It was as much fun watching the bigger kids (David's age) as it was the tiniest little boys and girls... none of them missed a beat!

The 'older' kids - fifth and sixth graders - showed us a little bit of vaudeville style entertainment. All in all a fun evening! Thanks Pat & Rich! David, you done good!

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Monday, April 7, 2003

Our weekend was unexpected and fun... the unexpected part was a phone call from number 3 offspring... a power outage occurred; expected duration - 3 days. Can't let our kids freeze to death now, can we? So our quiet(?) household bustled with Pam and family. Yes, we love it. The butterfly thing is happening again at the Dow Gardens and even though they had visited the Meijer's Gardens version of Butterflies in Bloom, we invited them to go with us to the Dow Gardens' butterfly house.

The sun was shining and the butterflies were flying. The girls, especially were impressed. Meijer's may be bigger but we were closer to the butterflies right here in Midland! Nicole retrieved one butterfly from the floor where it might have gone unnoticed and one butterfly loved Pam's fuschia blouse... landing on her shoulder for awhile. Pam and Dad got loads of photos... butterflies, flowers and people... and people with butterflies.

Putting the cart after the horse - a family standard - we went to the barn. Nickie and Pam played with the kiddy crafts... Nickie made us some butterfly antennae and we met Elizabeth, who showed us how to make a set of horns for Dad... which she presented to him. We were so flattered that their website once again linked to our Butterflies in Bloom site that we will add another sequel resulting from this trip.

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Thursday, April 3, 2003

Alex is Student of the Month natandal in her new school! Read all about it in her mom's blog entry for April 3. (Actually she wrote it last night before she went to bed - naughty OttO!!! You really need your sleep!) Alex, you are amazing! I know you've already signed up for a couple of the advanced classes when you get into highschool next year. You go girl!

While you're out and about on the net - check out OttO's newest toy at one of her cyberspots... this one called Field of Dreams. It could become addictive! Thanks OttO!

I did a little more bragging too but you'll have to check out today's Grumbleeze to read more!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Welcome to the wonderful world of Joe Average Family. That's us, kids. This is your granni's first success at getting a blog uploaded directly to SalasCove... and i figured it out all by myself! God what a 'little kid' i still am, huh? The first time i asked PowWeb for help... per suggestion when i couldn't get the diary to the website, they said they don't help with scripting.... i just sent them my second letter, controlling my little-known temper, letting them know i wondered what they are good for. Then i tried one more little thing... did you ever hear of the word 'path'? Yeah that one! Well i got it. I don't need no snot-nosed kids to help me out! No snot-nosed old guy either! Thank God, i've still got a bit o' brain my ownself!

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