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i am... 
...a retiree, my family includes six daughters, three granddaughters & three grandsons, five sons-in-law, one 'adopted' daughter, five cats, & a flock  of wild birds and other critters... all of which are outside of course

...I donate a bit of my time as anti-activist activist. (Don't ya' just hate it when somebody you never met who represents something you do NOT believe in says they represent YOU?)

 I do and I did something about it at Tittabawassee River Voice


This is something I answered for a meme and just feel like sharing:
Five things you may not know about me:
1. If your ancestors are from Wales and you are related to anybody named Stanford, we might be related.
2. I got A's in freshman biology without ever having to touch the frog or the fetal pig!
3. I got A's in English without having to memorize the rules.
4. I memorized every bone in the human body so I could pass freshman biology - an oral exam - then promptly forgot all about it.
5. My favorite academic subject is English and at the bottom of my list is biology. 

I really enjoy:



family & friends!