APRIL 24, 2004 - 4 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 5:15 p.m. after enjoying a carry-in potluck supper and fellowship.

The minutes of the last meeting held on July 24, 2003 were read by substituting secretary, Nedra Haupt.

Treasurer Sandi Steckel reported there are now fifty-five paid members.  We received $135.00 in donations to be used toward the cost of future newsletters.  There were expenses of $179.83 with a balance of $2,580.54.

President Bob Haupt introduced guests, first-time attendees, and new members;  Mr. & Mrs. Ken Morford, Jim Zeeman, Under-Sheriff Laude Hartrum, and Mr. & Mrs. James Beal from the Oxbow Lake Association.

The Board asked and received approval to put 20,000 Fat-Head Minnows into our lake.  The minnows would be purchased from

Stoney Creek Fishery.  Mr. Haupt reported we had received 25,000 minnows from Rick Gleason and a Thank You note had been sent to Rick.  A discussion evolved regarding a survey by the DNR regarding survival of minnows and reproduction of these minnows and whether any had been seen. Also questioned was whether there is evidence of larger pan fish species since introducing the minnows into the lake?

Application has been made for a lake monitoring grant from the DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality).  This would be in partnership with Westshore Community College and Dr. Hamdy Helal.  This grant pays $10,500.  If the grant is approved, we may not have to pay anything.  If we do not receive the grant, the Board approved that WSCC would do the water monitoring as they have done in the past.

A grant is in the offing from DEQ Gerry Saalfeld to do core samples of our lake.  This would be a helpful aid in searching for historical facts about the lakes around Michigan.

The problem survey sent to the property owners indicated people are interested in taking measures to treat the Eurasian Milfoil weeds.

The board has decided to pursue the establishment of a Lake Board in Amber Township.  We will have a meeting in the near future with Drain Commissioner David Hasenbank to consider all that needs to be accomplished for that goal and he will explain the petition.  A question was asked from the floor . . .who exactly would be on the lake board?  That will be clarified by Mr. Hasenbank.

The purpose of the lake board is to enable proper necessary steps to be taken to eradicate Eurasian Milfoil by contracting with a company called, Enviroscience, with their method using the weevil.  This company’s success was related to us through various phone conversations between Mr. Haupt and a property owner on Lake Manistee near Kalkaska and the DNR.

The new ramp at the launching site is near completion.

Bob Haupt pointed out the newspaper article in the Ludington Daily News on April 17, 2004.  This article addressed water quality in many area lakes.  It talked about how to assess and address the various problems.  Many comments by Dr. Helal are very helpful in this article.  Sam James commented with information about the weevil being our method of controlling the milfoil weed problem.

Mert Hackert commented that he has found in testing his fruit orchard soil, that phosphorus in the fertilizers are not necessary for good lawns, fruit, and vegetable growth.  If everyone would heed that advice, perhaps it would lessen the week growth in the lake.

Bob Haupt thanked everyone who has paid their dues.

A door prize drawing was held.  A basket of picnic goodies was won by Mary Schultz.  A Coleman lantern was won by Sam James.

Table plants were won by Ken Moreford, Paul Schultz, Brenda Buwolda, Harold Kling, Mert Hackert, and Sandi Steckel.

Motion to adjourn was seconded and passed.


Submitted by Substituting Sec’y.

Nedra Haupt