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In celebration of MayDay... just a day in my life during the month of May..... here is my part of the MayDay project.

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Saturday, August 23, 2003

PhotoTime............... the theme is ODD

Click to see the really BIG one! 
If this isn't odd i don't know what is!
Don't know what ever possessed me to buy this thing. I collect frogs so it must have been a moment of madness... and it was on sale! Supposed to be a bird feeder - oddly enough it holds a very small amount of bird feed... and given a bit of snow or rain it would be wet and gloppy. As a frog... well, look at it! Even as frogs go, it's ugly and very very odd.
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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Theme Thursday..... theme this week is..... 'hoarding'


click to see the full-sized photo
granni39's Andy Warhol drawer
Don't laugh... we'll never go hungry! When we did the new kitchen there was so much space i had room to do this. Most of these are my 'sauce soups' and then of course... 'granni's quickee pizza dough! Actually i have a pantry in the kitchen too... this originally was overflow. Now, of course, gotta keep 'em all full. How i handle it? FIFO of course!
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Sunday, August 17, 2003

PhotoTime.......... theme number 10 is Amusement...

Click to see what David saw!
Amusing himself by being Amazed!
The Tall Ships, as they entered the mouth of the Saginaw River from Saginaw Bay, were impressive even through the telephoto lens of my camera. To David they were huge as he viewed them through his daddy's telescope! We had the perfect vantage spot... in a dried out marsh that was formerly beach... just down the road from a little yacht club. As we watched and photographed, it appeared the ships were headed straight at us! To see some really magnificent shots of the event, visit frankmon's new web gallery..... Tall Ships Come to Bay City. He took some beautiful photos!
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Friday, August 8, 2003

PhotoTime! The theme this week is Tripping.......

Oooooo! You MUST see this photo in actual size!

So I'm a sailor... I still get a kick out of trippin' around the lake in a fast boat once in awhile!

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Friday, August 1, 2003

PhotoTime... the theme this week is Places.....

'Lost Island' is a peacefully beautiful place.
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Photo Friday... the theme..... Curves.....

There are curves..... and there are angles. Don't know what they really had in mind when they built the Anderson Water Park in Saginaw, MI a few years back, but whatever! Last year it still bustled with activity... local kids went there in droves. This year it's closed... the concrete all broken at the bottom of the pool and 'no money for repair.' I don't think it ever really brought in a tourist trade... the dream of many in this mid-Michigan community. Here, looking drab and sad, is the abandoned ticket office that should be busy pushing tickets through the windows in the summer heat.
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Theme Thursday... this week's challenge... Time

This pretty clock is set in the peak of a quaint 'gingerbread' house.
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