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1. Lines... can go in any which direction. Here you have choices! 2. Mechanical... is as mechanical does! This faucet is no longer attached to a water source so, is it still mechanical? 3. Stretch... made me think at once of my beautiful cats and their feline actions but alas! Cats will be cats, won't they? 4. Through... the window of our little lakeside cottage I saw this bug, just begging to come in. Did I let him? No! 5. Bottom... of daughter Patti's new computer as she builds it herself! Dad is standing by, giving her the straight info. 6. Organized... housing for those who can afford to live along the channel to Lake Michigan. Beautifully uniform. 7. Different... form of transportation. It sure looks like fun! I've seen this fellow, or his friends, several times lately. 8. Far Away... is the little lifeguard shack... and even further, the lighthouse! It's a long walk but many do it. 9. Green... is the color of grass and when you're mowing, it's sometimes hard to see these little critters! 10. Mug... I have a great collection. This was a gift from one daughter as a thank you gift. 11. Dummy... is what I'm sure she called herself when she sped around the curve and overturned her car! 12. At Night... even the local mall in our small town is intriguing! It's new to our town and locally owned. 13. Liquid... flows the river, reflecting beautifully it's surroundings! 14. Artificial... flowers can be quite beautiful. Our cat Daisy loves to chew on them just as if they were real! 15. Out of Reach... to many is the luxury of a Jaguar! It's a beautiful thing but I truly luv my little pickem-up truck! 16. Switch... to the side with this handy dandy equipment. Friend husband took me for a walk on the RR tracks and taught me all about it! 17. Relief... is spelled in many ways. If you're a puppy, that dog run would work just fine, thank you very much! 18. Blades... can be sharp and you'd better know how to use them! I saw this fellow filleting the catch in a station by the lake. 19. Missing... key on my laptop. A cat jumped up to greet me and knocked several off, breaking one! Don't use this one anyhow. Hmmm. wonder what it is. 20. Underground... you can find an abundance of life. Moving these pavers we found evidence of lots of critters homes. 21. Historic... boat at the marina sports this very large clevis. 22. Button... to the gallery I felt obligated to create, showing off all the 'losers' that didn't make it in my 26 Things. The button shows underground tunnels. 23. Popular... places in Michigan. The car ferry across the lake to Wisconsin is as popular as the Lakeside Scenic Walk. 24. Grand... parents are a wondrous thing! This fellow happens to be grandfather to all of MY grandkids! ;-) 25. Exotic... imported species of purple loosestrife that invades our lakes and smothers out the local species. 26. Delicious... fruits soon became a wonderful fruit salad... even though we sure do enjoy them 'straight up' as well!

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